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Vowell, Amber Principal
Prisock , Laura Counselor
Ashley, Ben Athletic Director, Lead Teacher, Head Football Coach

Ashley, Ben Athletic Director, Lead Teacher, Head Football Coach
Ashley, Burt Driver's Eduction, Football, Powerlifting
Beals, Gary 7th History, Basketball, Golf
Beals, Mariann 7th English
Brown, Mike PE, Health,
Cade, Emily Chemistry, A&P
Catchot, Jim ICT I/ Family Consumer Science
Coleman, Courtney Alternative School
Courtney, Paul PE, JH Baseball and Basketball
Duncan, Caroline ICT II
Fancher, Lauren English I, Assistant Volleyball, Assistant Softball
Guyton, Cory HS History, Basketball
Harrison, Kim GED
Herod, Brad Alternative School
Howard, Barbara Receptionist
Hulett, Alison Biology I and Biology II
Jackson, Daniel 7th Science
Jeffries, Keith Library
Jewell, Mandy 8th Science, 8th History
Johnson, Joann SPED
Keeton, Tricia Student Records
Kinard, April HS Inclusion
Lawrence, Kelsey English III
Lee, Kenya 7th Math
Lee, Maisie JH Inclusion
Little, Brenda 8th English, JH Leadership
McCuller, Jason Botany and Zoology, Physical Science, Physics
McDonald, Emily HS Inclusion
McLendon, Tina English IV, ACT Prep
Miles, Jessica SREB Math, Alg. III, Calculas
Miles, Jonathan Business, Computer Science
Miller, Karen JH Inclusion
Morrow, Nick HS Inclusion
Moulds, Ashlyn SPED
Nichols, Missy Administrative Assistant
Owens, Sean Band Director
Paul, Melanie Algebra I
Prisock , Laura Counselor
Pugh, Kimberly Inclusion
Riddell, Jennifer JH Inclusion
Romedy, Heather HS Inclusion
Shows, Cyrena Theatre and Speech
Shumaker, Akeba Inclusion, Transisition
Stevens, Carolyn Geometry
Stevens, Melissa HS Study Skills, Psychology, Sociology
Tarver, Sue Choral Director
Telano, Jason World History, Assistant Football, Assistant Baseball
Thames, Katelyn HS Inclusion
Thomas, Lance 8th History, Football, Head Softball
Thomas, Mistie 8th Math, 8th Algebra I
Vowell, Amber Principal
Vowell, Joey American Government, Economics, Football
Walker, Jonathan English II
Warren, Emily French, US History
Wood, Derreck Algebra II and Alg III
Wood, Jim US History, Football, Track
Worrell, Miranda Dual Enrollment, Government, Economics, Volleyball, Softball
Young, Andy PE, Baseball

Brown, Tim Custodian
Coleman, Shaston ISD
Howard, Barbara Receptionist
Keeton, Tricia Student Records
Miller, Curtis Custodian
Nichols, Missy Administrative Assistant
Robinson, Lisa Custodian
Triplett, Clarence Custodian